Monday, January 25, 2010

Losing Belly Fat on a Budget


Losing belly fat doesn't need to be an expensive exercise as many advertisers of the latest exercise toys would like you to believe.

Essentially the simple, effective methods of fat loss not only work best but are also extremely cost effective.

Just getting outdoors and walking the dog, going for a brisk walk in the sand at the beach or even better going for a swim are all great low cost and hugely effective fat loss activities.

It's unfortunate that many people totally lose faith in themselves and put complete faith in the first miracle fat loss product they come across to help them lose stomach fat.

The fact is with a bit of education with the right information and some planning can get you well on your way to some truly amazing fat loss results.

Here are some great tips for losing belly fat on a budget!
  • Buying a good pair of running shoes is an invaluable investment; just look for any excuse to use them in place of your car which will cost you in gas and wear and tear.
  • Living near the coast is a huge bonus, swimming is probably the best exercise you can possibly perform to increase your cardio fitness and helps to burn fat too! Also the sea water is great for muscle recovery and running on soft sand is a great way to drastically reduce the impact and potential damage that can be done to joints when running on hard surfaces such as concrete.
  • Purchase a Yoga, Pilates or Dance Fitness DVD's they don't cost the earth and if you have a few friends who are trying to lose weight you can swap and share!
  • While paying someone to mow your lawn may seem easier, doing it yourself provides a great mini work out and get you out in the sun and fresh air.
  • Many people don't regard stretching as an exercise, although lengthening your muscles by regularly stretching increases blood flow to muscles and helps to increase metabolism. Stretching will also help to prevent injury, reduce stress by releasing those natural feel good drugs, endorphins.



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