Thursday, November 26, 2009

Abdominal Crunches - Their Role in Fat Loss.

The role of abdominal crunches in losing stomach fat is even to this day largely misunderstood.

Many still believe that the single best exercise to burn stomach fat and flatten abs are crunches and lots of them.

The fact is any physical exercise will contribute to fat loss just by simply burning up energy and speeding up your metabolism.

In truth, the idea of singling out a single exercise which is believed to yield the quickest and most effective results can seriously put you on the wrong track, which often leads to bitter disappointment.

Crunches are a great exercise, they are easy to perform, are quick and convenient and help to contribute to overall results, but to relying on them wholly and solely to get a flat stomach is a big mistake.

The best fat loss results come from having a well-rounded exercise and training regime which includes a healthy amount of muscle building exercise or resistance training (weights) as well as regular cardio work while putting a healthy focus on increasing your core body strength to support continued strength gains which will add healthy muscle mass all the while consistently improving your diet gradually over the long term.

The real secret to effectively using exercise to lose stomach fat or rather overall body fat is to pursue ever increasing body fitness and strength. Setting yourself small realistically attainable goals, for strength and cardio fitness gains as well as fat loss is a sure fire way to succeed over the long term.

Crunches do provide a great benefit to your core body strength, which will in turn help you develop strength in other areas of your body, which provides a great flow on effect of increased muscle mass, but the real secret to getting the most out of this very basic and versatile exercise is variety.

Look to add a number of different types abdominal crunch exercises to your training repertoire not only to keep things interesting but also to encourage your abdominals continue to develop, strengthen and grow. An invaluable training aid for abdominal crunches is abdominal crunch ball. These inflatable abdominal balls force more of your abdominal stabiliser muscles to work during exercise providing you with a much more intense and thorough abdominal workout.

Also the ball allows you to lower your torso below the horizontal which provides a great stretch for your abs and strengthens and works out your lower back at the same time.

With the added muscle mass your body's energy requirements are drastically increased. Having more muscle means you will be burning more energy even during sleep.

Abdominal crunches have a very important role to play in not only toning your stomach muscles but also provide very good indirect benefits by supporting the process of muscle mass gains which leads to fat loss!


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