Thursday, November 26, 2009

Elliptical Trainers - A Better Option than Treadmills

If your are looking to buying a treadmill it would be worth your while considering a Elliptical Trainer instead.

The big advantage of elliptical trainers is that they offer a impact-free workout.

Although the impact experienced from running is great for strengthening bones, it is very easy to overdo it and the risks of injury to joints and connective tissue is far greater when using a treadmill.

Of course if you a competition runner who is after a convenient workout which keeps you out of bad weather then of course a treadmill is your obvious choice.

But if you are looking of a quality cardiovascular workout while at the same time getting an effective all body workout, an elliptical trainer with handlebars for your arms and pedals will provide you with more exercise options and value for money than a treadmill.

Where treadmills concentrate almost all of the exercise on the lower body, elliptical trainers can provide a 'complete body workout'!

While exercising on an elliptical trainer you can immediately choose which muscle groups to concentrate on or even use all your muscles at once.

You can even isolate small muscle groups to target specific areas on your body.

It does take a little concentration and practice but you can concentrate on specific areas of your legs and lower body, say your but by swinging your legs from your hip while keeping your legs are a  little straighter you will be isolating your but muscles. By bending your knees a little more you will be recruiting more of your quads and hamstrings (upper front and rear leg muscles).

You can just as easily concentrate on upper body areas with an elliptical trainer simply by concentrating and recruiting muscle sets of your arms and shoulders.

With a good elliptical trainer there are literally countless exercise variations and exercise routines you can design for yourself, all of which are low impact.

Also one thing that most people will fail to consider when buying any piece of exercise equipment is the likelihood of maintaining motivation.

With a treadmill there is only one exercise you can perform with very little if any variation. Elliptical trainers on the other hand can provide you with plenty of variety in your workout which helps keeps things interesting and provides a huge boost to ongoing motivation.

If you enjoy your exercise routine you are much more likely to perform it regularly and maintaining motivation by keeping things interesting and challenging is key!


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