Thursday, November 26, 2009

What Makes a Great Breakfast

Breakfast would have to be the most important meal of the day as its the first meal to kick start out metabolism in the morning and give us the energy for the most productive part of our day.

But what makes a perfect breakfast?

Well just like any other food which will help us in losing stomach fat and give us a flat tummy a breakfast needs to be low in fat! As well it has to contain very little sugar as we want a long and sustained release of energy throughout the morning. Also a breakfast has to no or at least little salt. But last but not least, the ideal breakfast cereal has to contain a healthy amount of dietary fiber.

This means if you favor toast for breakfast then it best to select a brown or wholemeal bread containing whole seeds and grains.

Though if you prefer a breakfast cereal for your morning 'pick me up' then you can't go past oats or porridge. A substance in oats has been found to increase the conversion of body fat into bile, in effect ridding your body of excess fat. So having a bowl of oats or porridge every morning is a very good fat burning habit to get into.

Bad Breakfast Choices

Pastries and coffee: for breakfast is a nightmare recipe for anyone looking lose stomach fat due to the fat and sugar content and the caffeine will help send more of that sugar and fat straight to your hips and stomach.

Bacon and eggs: a breakfast high in saturated fat will quickly sabotage your goals for losing belly fat as your body will store as much energy as it can, so having a high fat meal for breakfast will see a good proportion of that fat being stored in your body.

No breakfast at all is probably the worst choice as your metabolism will slow to a crawl and any food you eat during the day your body will try and get the most out of by storing much of the energy as fat.

Many people don't realize the powerful benefits of eating a great breakfast and your very first meal of the day doesn't have to be boring or time consuming to prepare.

Some oats or porridge with a little honey and a sliced half banana or a few slices of rye and wholegrain toast with a few slices of ripe tomato and some cottage cheese. These are two simple, easy and very healthy breakfast choices you can make to help you lose stomach fat.


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